The FTC has announced the final agenda for its November 16 cross-device tracking workshop.  According to today’s press release, the workshop “will examine the practice of collecting data through these devices and the potential wide-ranging effects on consumer privacy.”

Opening remarks will be provided by FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez, followed by a presentation from Justin Brookman, the policy director for the FTC’s Office of Technology, Research and Investigation.  These remarks will be followed by two panel discussions.  The first panel, “A Technological Perspective on Cross-Device Tracking,” will feature an in-depth look at cross-device tracking technology, its benefits, privacy concerns, and possible notice and choice mechanisms.  The second panel, “Policy Perspectives on Cross-Device Tracking,” will examine the policy implications of cross-device tracking, including the nature of the data collected, consumer awareness, and the application of industry self-regulation efforts.  The panelists include academics, technologists, consumer advocates, and industry representatives.  Closing remarks will be provided by Maneesha Mithal, associate director of the FTC’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection.  Further details are available on the FTC’s website.