Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) took another step toward implementing the TRACED Act by announcing that it is seeking nominations for the Hospital Robocall Protection Group.

As we previously explained, the TRACED Act was enacted with the aim of curbing unwanted robocalls.  One of the law’s provisions directs the FCC to establish a “Hospital Robocall Working Group” by June 27, 2020.  This advisory committee will be charged with developing best practices for preventing robocalls to hospitals.  In addition to having a representative from the FCC and a representative from the Federal Trade Commission serve, the Group must be comprised of an equal number of representatives from:  voice service providers that serve hospitals, companies that focus on mitigating unlawful robocalls, consumer advocacy groups, one-way VoIP providers, hospitals, and state government officials.  Within 180 days of the Group issuing its best practices, the FCC must conclude a proceeding facilitating the voluntary adoption of those best practices.

The FCC’s notice states that the agency intends to establish the Group by June 2020, with its first meeting slated for July 2020.  Nominations for membership to the Group must be submitted no later than May 1, 2020.