Photo of Alexandra Cooper-Ponte

Alexandra (Ali) Cooper-Ponte’s practice focuses on regulatory, enforcement, litigation, and investigations matters involving emerging technologies and national security. She advises clients on compliance with surveillance, cybersecurity, and data privacy laws and on trust and safety issues.

Prior to re-joining the firm, she clerked for Judge José A. Cabranes, United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. She also worked on electronic surveillance and law enforcement access issues at a large technology company prior to law school.

Last Thursday, the Eastern District of Virginia in United States v. Chatrie, No. 19-cr-00130, 2022 WL 628905, denied a motion to suppress evidence obtained from Google pursuant to a geofence search warrant.  Geofence warrants are a relatively new investigative tool that target private companies’ databases of location data, compelling these companies to produce the location data of every user that was in a particular area over a particular span of time.  The court invalidated the warrant for lack of particularized probable cause, but declined to suppress the evidence obtained from Google—which linked the defendant to the scene of a 2019 bank robbery—because the officers sought the warrant in good faith.
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