Katharine Goodloe

Katharine Goodloe

Katharine Goodloe is an associate in the firm’s Washington, DC office.  She is a member of the Communications & Media, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, and Litigation practice groups.  Ms. Goodloe counsels communications and technology companies on a broad range of issues, including content liability, compliance with consumer privacy protection laws, data-collection and use practices, and automatic subscription renewal laws.  She also advises technology clients on national security and law enforcement-related compliance issues, including matters involving electronic surveillance and data privacy.  Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Goodloe worked as a newspaper reporter.

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Urban Outfitters Argues Zip Code Class Actions Are Insured

Urban Outfitters is calling for its insurers to cover any potential losses stemming from allegations the company improperly collected customer zip codes.  In a set of cross-motions for summary judgment filed last week, the retailer argued the zip code claims filed against it in three class-action lawsuits involve a customer’s right to privacy, bringing them … Continue Reading

Coalition Urges White House to Open Big Data Review to Public Comment

Almost three weeks into the Administration’s comprehensive review of privacy issues relating to big data, a coalition of twenty-five consumer groups, privacy advocates, and civil liberties organizations are pushing the White House to open up the process to public participation. In a letter released this week, the coalition asked the Office of Science and Technology … Continue Reading

California Court Agrees Song-Beverly Act is Inapplicable to Online Purchases of Physically-Delivered Goods

Earlier this month, a California trial court held that the Song-Beverly Act does not apply to online purchases of physically delivered goods.  The Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles-Central District ruled in favor of Ticketmaster on January 10 in a lawsuit alleging violations of the Song-Beverly Act because customers were required to provide … Continue Reading

Task Force: Phone Companies Should Keep Bulk Metadata Records for NSA

Billions of bulk phone call records used for government surveillance programs should be stored with telecommunications providers rather than with the NSA, according to reports of a proposal from a presidential task forced examining reforms to surveillance authorities.  Recommendations from the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology were presented to the President on Friday,  … Continue Reading

Key Takeaways from Last Week’s FTC Workshop on Native Advertising: Many Questions and Few Answers

Last week, the FTC hosted a public workshop on native advertising to examine how best to address occasions in which certain media outlets blur the traditional line between advertisements and editorial content.  The workshop brought together a collection of brand-name companies that use native advertising, content-placement companies that help brands place such advertisements online, and … Continue Reading

FTC to Hold Seminars on Mobile Device Tracking, Alternative Scoring, and Consumer Health Information

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced today that it will hold a series of three seminars in the spring focused on retail tracking, alternative scoring, and consumer health information.  The seminars are designed to shed light on new trends in big data and their impact on consumer privacy, according to the FTC.  The seminars will … Continue Reading

Self-Regulatory Code Released for Retailers Using WiFi To Track Customers

Under a new self-regulatory code released earlier this week, brick-and-mortar retailers that track customer in-store movements using mobile phone WiFi signals must disclose the practice to customers and allow them to opt out. The code was created by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and a group of mobile analytics companies.  It was announced jointly … Continue Reading