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New Research Exposes Perils of Bogus Access Requests Under GDPR, With Implications for CCPA

At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas last week, a security researcher presented his research on using access rights available under the GDPR for identity theft purposes (slides available here; whitepaper available here).  Specifically, the researcher “attempted to steal as much information as possible” about his fiancé by submitting GDPR access requests in her … Continue Reading

Recent CFAA Cases Address Defendants’ Violations of Employer Policies

A recent decision from the Eleventh Circuit highlights an ongoing issue under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”): the significance of policy-based restrictions when determining whether a person accessed a protected computer “without authorization” or “exceeded authorized access.” In United States v. Rodriguez [PDF], the Eleventh Circuit upheld the criminal conviction of a Social Security … Continue Reading