vehicle privacy

Last week, a group of privacy experts, including regulators and representatives of the automobile and consumer electronics industries, spoke at a Continuing Legal Education Program hosted by the Federal Communications Bar Association.  The panel discussed, among other things, the relatively new set of privacy principles that has been developed for vehicle technologies and services, which is scheduled to take effect in January 2016.  This post summarizes those principles and the panelists’ comments.
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By Caleb Skeath

You’ve added a passcode to your phone, checked your social network privacy settings (twice), and kept close tabs on the cookies in your web browser. But have you ever thought closely about the information your car collects about you?

New Jersey legislators are debating two identical bills that would provide additional safeguards against the disclosure of data contained in a car’s “black box,” which track a vehicle’s technical status and operational performance. These devices, often referred to as event data recorders or EDRs, are present on 90% of all cars and light trucks in the U.S. and may soon become mandatory on all new vehicles. In addition to assisting mechanics with car repairs, EDRs can assist law enforcement and insurance companies in crash investigations.

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