On 4 September, 2012, the Cayman Islands’ Data Protection Working Group (DPWG) released a consultation paper, inviting comments from the public on the draft Cayman Islands Data Protection Bill 2012. The Bill, which is modelled on the European Framework Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, aims to protect individuals’ rights regarding the collection and use of personal data.  As with the European Directive, the Bill sets out principles for data processing and rights and responsibilities of data subjects. 

The DPWG hopes that the Bill will allow the Cayman Islands to achieve recognition by the European Commission as a jurisdiction providing an “adequate” level of data protection, which would allow personal data to flow from the EU to Cayman Island organizations without the need for special protective measures. The DPWG claims that the Bill is “a robust and proportionate data protection regime that will enhance Cayman’s reputation and competitiveness in the global marketplace”.  It also states that consideration has been given in the Bill to the specific requirements and legislative regime of the Cayman Islands.

Written submissions and comments should be submitted by all individuals, organisations and other interested parties to the DPWG by 2 November, 2012.