Aura Labs, Inc. (Aura) has settled the FTC’s charges that it deceived consumers in relation to its mobile blood pressure app.  The FTC’s complaint alleged that Aura deceptively claimed the app was as accurate as traditional blood pressure cuffs, and also that Aura’s owner posted a 5-star review of the app without disclosing his connection to the company.

The stipulated settlement order, which was signed by the district court on December 9, bars Aura from making similar representations about the accuracy of its blood pressure measurements absent “competent and reliable scientific evidence.”  It also requires Aura to disclose any material connections between the company and people who endorse its products.  And it imposes reporting and compliance audit requirements on Aura for ten years.

The order imposes a monetary judgment of $595,945.27 on Aura as equitable relief, apparently based on the total sales of the app alleged in the FTC’s complaint.  The judgment is suspended, however, subject to the accuracy and completeness of Aura’s sworn financial statements submitted to the FTC (per the FTC’s press release, the judgment was suspended based on Aura’s inability to pay).