Class action lawsuits are increasingly being brought against organizations that have suffered data breaches, as well as against companies that are alleged to have allowed third parties access to online or mobile users’ confidential information without authorization (for example the recent Del Vecchio v. Amazon and Low v. LinkedIn cases).  A repeated issue in these cases is what kind of harm plaintiffs must allege to state a cognizable claim.  To the extent sufficient harm can be pled, what related legal issues loom on the horizon, such as proof of causation, the definition of “reasonable security,” the applicability of federal statues, and class certification efforts?  Simon Frankel and Mali Friedman from Covington and David Navetta from InformationLawGroup will be discussing these issues, examining several prominent cases to look for trends (including cases such as LinkedIn, which Covington has litigated), and providing practical steps your organization can take to help mitigate these risks.   

The Webinar, which is hosted by IAPP, will take place this Friday, December 16 from 1:00-2:30 pm EST.  You can register here.