The Federal Trade Commission recently announced a preliminary agenda for its upcoming public workshop called Advertising and Privacy Disclosures in a Digital World.  The goal of the workshop is to discuss revisions to the Dot Com Disclosures, the FTC’s current guidance document on online advertising disclosures, which was published in 2000. The Dot Com Disclosures discusses the application of consumer protection laws and Commission rules to online advertising, and how companies can make required advertising disclosures “clear and conspicuous.” The workshop will explore how to revise the Dot Com Disclosures in light of developments in online and mobile advertising, and the advent of social media. The FTC sought public comment on possible revisions last year, and solicited input for discussion topics when it announced the workshop in February.  The preliminary agenda features four panels: (1) Universal and Cross-Platform Advertising Disclosures, (2) Social Media Advertising Disclosures, (3) Mobile Advertising Disclosures, and (4) Mobile Privacy, and lists two to three specific questions that it plans to discuss at each panel.  For example, the social media panel will discuss “the challenges and best approaches to making adequate disclosures on social media platforms that restrict message length.”

The workshop will be held on May 30, 2012 at the FTC Conference Center, 601 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.    The program begins at 8:30 am and will conclude at 5:30 pm.  The workshop is free, open to the public, and no registration is required.  The FTC will also provide a webcast.