As we have previously posted, on January 25, 2012, the European Commission proposed comprehensive measures to reform the European data protection framework.  Among other things, the proposal would impose restrictions on the processing of personal data relating to children; create a breach notification requirement in the EU; require organizations employing 250 or more persons to designate a data protection officer; and increase the sanctions for data protection violations to up to two percent of an organization’s worldwide revenue.  The proposal also would expand the scope of the European data protection framework to non-EU companies that either process data pertaining to individuals residing in the EU to whom they offer goods or services or whose activities serve to monitor the behavior of such individuals.

Earlier this month, Covington lawyers hosted a webinar to discuss significant proposed reforms to the European data protection framework that have been put forward by the European Commission.  We received a number of excellent questions from those participating in the webinar.  Please click below to read the answers that Covington lawyers provided to these questions.

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