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Philipp Tamussino

Philipp Tamussino is a U.S. corporate partner based in Frankfurt. His practice focuses on cross-border corporate and finance transactions. Previously resident in our New York office, he joined the Frankfurt team when the office opened in 2018.
Philipp represents clients in mergers and acquisitions, financings, private equity transactions, corporate governance matters, joint ventures and venture capital investments, almost always in an international setting. He also has advised asset managers and investors in a variety of structured finance, alternative investment and financial derivatives transactions.

Philipp is the Managing Partner for Legal Personnel in the Frankfurt office, having previously served in that role in New York.

On November 22, 2022, the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) issued its judgment in joint cases C‑37/20 and C‑601/20, holding that provisions of an EU anti-money laundering directive relating to the publication of beneficial ownership registers were incompatible with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (“CFR”). The Court found that while deterring money laundering was a valid objective, making data available to the general public was neither a necessary nor proportionate way to achieve this objective, so contravened the CFR. The judgment demonstrates the Court’s view that sharing a person’s personal data with a third party is a serious intrusion, and that the Court will carefully scrutinize any such sharing.

Although the case concerned the CFR, it sheds light on how the Court approaches similar principles that apply in other contexts, including in the context of the GDPR.Continue Reading CJEU Invalidates Public Anti-Money Laundering Registers on Privacy Grounds