On our third episode of our Inside Privacy Audiocast, we are aiming our looking glass at Brazil’s new data protection statute, Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (or LGPD), and are joined by Ronaldo Lemos, a partner at Rennó Penteado.

In our episode recorded earlier this week, Dan Cooper and Ronaldo discuss the LGPD, which is due to take effect in the coming days.  In a surprise move, Brazil’s Senate yesterday reversed a decision by the country’s House of Representatives to postpone the legislation.  Accordingly, the LGPD will be in force as soon as President Bolsonaro enacts the new law, which will likely happen in the next few days. The LGPD’s penalty provisions, however, will not come into effect until August 2021.

If our listeners have further questions on this topic, contact our speakers Ronaldo Lemos or Dan Cooper. This episode will especially be of interest to companies with operations in, or directing services into Brazil.

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