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Privacy Shield Third Annual Review

On October 23, 2019, the European Commission (“Commission”) published its Report on the third annual review of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield (“Privacy Shield”) (the Report is accompanied by a Staff Working Document).  The Report “confirms that the U.S. continues to ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred under the Privacy Shield” (see … Continue Reading

European Commission Issues Implementing Decision Finding Uruguay’s Data Protection Laws Provide Adequate Protection for Personal Data Transferred from EU

On 21 August 2012, the European Commission issued an Implementing Decision (the “Decision”) confirming that the Eastern Republic of Uruguay provides an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred from the European Union.  The effect of the Decision is to allow organizations established in European Member States to transfer personal data to organizations in … Continue Reading

Israel Formally Obtains EU Adequacy

Today, the EU Commission formally approved Israel’s status as a country providing “adequate protection” for personal data under the European Data Protection Directive.  The Data Protection Directive generally prohibits personal data from being transferred outside the EU unless the data is subject to an “adequate level of protection,” or certain narrow exceptions apply.  As a … Continue Reading